How to Handle Ticks in the Summer

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As the weather gets warmer and the sun is out longer, most people venture outside and rid themselves of the feeling of winter hibernation. It is a great time for most people and a moment when you can experience nature and the changing of seasons. Unfortunately, warmer weather means you are also going to run into a lot more bugs and critters, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

While most of these critters are not going to cause you anything more than inconvenience, some are more dangerous. For instance, ticks are known to carry diseases. There are many species of ticks in the area that carry lyme disease, which means you must be careful about them getting into your home.

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There are two tick control suffolk issues in the summer months. One is ticks making their way into your lawn and eventually into your home. The other is you bringing ticks home on your person or your belongings.

The second issue can be resolved by using tick repellant and making sure to dust off your clothes and belongings right outside your house when you enter. Tick repellent will do most of the work, while a quick dusting of your clothes should ensure you are not tracking anything into the house.

As for the ticks that may get into your lawn and eventually your house, you can start by cutting your grass shorter than usual. Ticks like longer grass blades. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of mulch you leave in any barren patches or between grass blades.

Maintain a clean lawn, and if you have any pets make sure you are regularly checking them to ensure there are no signs of ticks. These critters are so small, which makes them impossible to notice until you start to see tick bites.