Peacock Beauty And Purpose

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The old saying goes. Proud as a peacock. And if you have never in your life seen a peacock, you really ought to do this right now. If there is no zoo, library or game park near you right now, that is quite alright. Just look up the beautiful bird on the internet and there you go. Glorious colors. While you are here, have a look at the wide array of bulk peacock feathers being tied together and put out to sale.

bulk peacock feathers

Not only peacock feathers, but rooster feathers and ostrich feathers too. Don’t expect to find feathers from all those birds that are usually categorized as exotic creatures. They’ve been given another category and that, afraid to say, is quite tragic. These are the mostly little birds that are on the endangered or critically endangered lists. Meaning that as a consumer, you just do not want to go there.

But for the time being, you can have your fun, dress the way you please and work with a lot more gusto with your peacock feathers, rooster feathers, and ostrich feathers too. Funny thing about birds, and for certain four-legged mammal species too. You look at yourself in the mirror. You look at another woman. Generally speaking, men regard women as quite beautiful. Good that a lot of women feel that way about themselves too.

But when you look at those birds, peacocks being a particularly good example, you see something quite the opposite. While the female bird is just so plain Jane, the male bird looks absolutely gorgeous. Of course, there are those men who just luurve to drape themselves with a string or two of feathers. While others may not think so, these men feel absolutely gorgeous too. And that’s got to be a good thing, right?