Do Not Assume You Know What Coke Is

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coke oven doors

Coke, as is well known to most readers, is a highly popular consumable material. It is also one of the best-known brands the world over, and has been so for decades. One of the world’s leading investment houses has already projected that the company that produces everyone’s favorite soft drink is likely to continue growing further in the years to come with the thirst for the can or bottle not likely to diminish, in spite of the health warnings and the controversial introduction of higher taxes on sugar in some parts of the world, allegedly to curb people’s dependence on refined and processed white sugar processed food products.

And if that were not enough, there is this. The use of coke as a highly addictive and life-threatening drug, having its dangers recognized, has been outlawed in most parts of the world. In some cases, even the death penalty has been applied to those found guilty of trading in one of the world’s most harmful materials. Coke, as a grey, hard and porous fuel, and with a high carbon content but with few impurities, is now no less controversial a material.

It could be argued amongst stakeholders that the use of coke oven doors goes some way in helping to contain those extremely high carbon levels. On its own, coke is the result of coal or oil being heated without any oxygen. The heating of coal and oil will continue to be branded as a ‘destructive distillation process’ for the foreseeable future. Coke is, however, being used for fuel in stoves and forges where the potential for harmful air pollution exists.

Coke results from low ash and low sulfur bituminous coal from that process otherwise known as coking.