Tips For Caring For Your Pool

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Having a swimming pool is a great way to relax and enjoy the summer.  Throwing pool parties, cookouts and just lounging around letting the day slip away can be enjoyable for everyone in your family.  As the summer winds down however, those days by the pool are going to be far and few between.  For those that are looking to possibly use the pool all year round, installing propane water heaters hudson fl could be a way to keep the pool a constant temperature all year round.

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Skimming the pool

To keep the pool clean on a daily basis consider using a skimmer.  A skimmer is a long pole with a net at the end of it.  You will take the net end and skim it across the top of the water and pick up leaves.  You can then take the leaves out of the net and discard them as you see fit.


Each pool needs chemicals.  If you don’t have chemicals in your pool or the correct chemicals the water will begin to turn green.  Testing for PH levels, Acid levels and Chlorine levels will tell you if they are too high or too low.  With your testing kit just take some water and drop the proper colored dyes in and see the reaction.  Add chemicals as needed and let the pool water stabilize before swimming.

Heating the pool

With your propane heater you will want to monitor the temperature as well as only heat the pool when you are going to be using it.  Depending on the size of your pool it may take several hours to heat the water to a specific temperature.  Always test the temperature of the pool before jumping into the water.

With these tips you can keep your pool clean and ready for use all year round.